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Differentiate between the mordel and lycra fabrics

Nowadays, many people choose the underwear made of model fabric, because the underwear is soft, elastic and comfortable to wear. But there are many misconceptions about this kind of fabrics of cognitive, many people think that modal is cotton Calais card, a way of actually, lycra and modal are two different fibers, fabric features on each has his strong point, below small make up will be the difference between the two analysis, let you choose to target.

Modell common sense

Lenzing Modal (Modal) is Austria (Lenzing) developed high wet modulus of renewable cellulose fiber, the fiber raw material adopts European beech, first it is made from wood pulp, and then through the special spinning technology processed into fibers. The raw materials of this product are all natural materials, harmless to human body, and can decompose naturally, harmless to the environment. There was no pollution in the whole production process.

The dry strength of mordel fiber is close to that of polyester fiber, and its wet strength is much higher than that of ordinary viscose. The fabric made from it shows a silky sheen with a pleasant soft touch, drape and excellent durability.

Lycra common sense

Lycra is a fashionable word nowadays. It is the trademark of American dupont for its elastic fiber. Lycra, in fact, just before the dupont a wholly owned subsidiary - invista (Koch industries, with $2004 in 4.4 billion to buy) a brand name, because the company in the field of spandex market monopoly status, lycra almost all become synonymous with spandex yarn. It is a kind of petroleum-based synthetic elastic fiber, can freely stretch 4-5 times, and is released, quickly respond to the original length, it can be with any synthetic or natural fiber interweave, but can not be used alone.

It completely replaces the traditional elastic elastic elastic rubber thread, and leica is almost an essential element in the special requirements of body-shaping underwear, gymnastic clothing and swimwear. It allows you to be curvy and the gel to stretch without any pressure. Not only is lycra used in everyday clothes, it is also a fashion designer's pet in a popular kaleidoscope. Lycra has thus been hailed as a magical fiber by the delighted.

After reading the above introduction, it may be easy for people to confuse the two. Now let's compare the two.


1. Both of them can be blended with other fibers, such as cotton, hemp and silk, to improve the quality of these fabrics and keep them soft and smooth.

2. Both have great elasticity. They are comfortable to wear and close to the body.


Mondale can make clothes alone, and lycra must be blended with other fibers.

2. For their own characteristics, modell is more suitable to make underwear fabric than lycra, because it is softer, breathable, close-fitting and 100% natural.

3. Leica is more flexible than model, which is why it is not as soft as model. Therefore, lycra is mainly used for body-building underwear, gymnastic clothing, swimwear and other garments with strong body-building properties.

See more contrast, everyone should know, modal and lycra is two completely different types of fabrics, has nothing to do, many people think modal is the view of pure cotton Calais card is all wet.

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